Caciotta al tartufo - Ceccardi Giacomo

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Caciotta al tartufo - Ceccardi Giacomo

Caciotta al tartufo is a product where the flavor of the cheese blends with the delicate aroma of the black truffle, giving rise to a new and highly sought after taste. The texture of the paste appears soft but compact with small flakes of black truffle. It has a barely hinted thin rind, the result of a short maturation in a refrigerated cell, for at least 10/15 days.
To better appreciate this cheese, it is recommended to taste it with acacia honey, or to prepare salads and delicious aperitifs. It goes well with aromatic, spicy and floral white wines with medium alcohol content.

Since it is an artisanal product, the weight of the delivered product may differ from that indicated by approximately +/- 10%.


Produced with pure sheep's milk from local farms and cow's milk, pasteurized and matured on a wooden table and matured for 10/15 days.


Pasteurized cow's milk, pasteurized sheep's milk, rennet, salt and black summer truffle (1%).


From 10 to 15 days (store in a cool and ventilated place, possibly wrapped in a cloth). (product subject to weight loss).


Produced in the period from September to November. Ready for sale after 10/15 days from production while stocks last.

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