Located between the localities of Sughera, San Vivaldo and Castelfalfi, the protected natural area of the High Valley of the Carfalo stream is a predominantly wooded area, extending for about 220 hectares, where there is a natural habitat with different kind of plants and animal species, whose degree of biological diversity is rarely found anywhere else.

Thanks to the signage and information boards along the routes, it will be even easier to discover this true paradise by walking the various paths that wind through this natural area.

Here, among centuries old monumental trees and an old beech tree that flows through the clear waters of the Carfalo stream, it is sometimes possible to see a rare specimen of "Salamandrina with glasses", a very rare amphibian characterized by a black back and a white,  black and red dotted belly.

For more information, please visit the tourist office of Montaione where you can also find the map of the trails of High Valley of the Carfalo stream.