Even if you are not trained as professional athletes, but you would like to explore the territory of Montaione riding a bike, going even where you would never go with a regular bike, an e-bike - better if it is e-mountain bike - is the best choice!

Thanks to the electric engine that comes into action only when needed and providing the right thrust on the wheels, the toughest climbs will almost look like a child's play, saving your energy and letting you enjoy the scenic Tuscan landscape.

The modern e-bikes will allow you to enjoy a cycling holiday in the heart of Tuscany with the utmost comfort.

Here's where to rent an e-mountain bike:

E-Bike rental


Suitable for both amateur and sports cyclists, iBikeMontaione.com offers the rental of electric and muscular mountain bikes to discover the most beautiful trails in the territory of Montaione and Tuscany, also in combination with a guided tour.

Walking or biking trails

Montaione MTB Trail Area

Whether you enjoy relaxing on dirt roads while admiring the scenery or racing on a single track, the Montaione MTB Trail Area will be your daily gym.

Trekking route maps

Trekking route maps

You can find a FREE map of the trekking routes at your accommodation or in the following shops in Montaione:

Itineraries not to be missed

The Via Francigena

If you love long distances, a must-see itinerary is the Via Francigena. Here, following the pilgrims footsteps from Canterbury to Rome, you will experience an exciting journey to discover the region and also a bit of yourself.

Attractions and places to visit

Big Bench

If you are traveling the Via Francigena on foot or by bicycle, it is worth making a small detour and reaching the top of a hill where there is a beautiful giant bench (Big Bench).

Sport and wellness

Spa and welness centre

After a day dedicated to sport, why not regenerate body and soul with a massage or sauna in a Spa?