Things to do in Tuscany when the weather is not good

Whatever the age of your children, in this page you will find some useful tips with things to do with children even if it rains or the weather is bad, choosing between fun or culture-oriented activities and suitable for the whole family.

Activities for the whole family and children

Indoor areas for young children

Il Paese dei Saltasù

Infos, admission and hours:
On an area of 1000 sqm., the "Paese dei Saltasù" is a children's playground for children up to 10 years old, fully covered and air-conditioned, where children can have fun with slides, jump trampoline and inflatable. The "Paese dei Saltasù" is located at the Omnia Center in Prato, where you can find a wide choice of shops of all kinds, a supermarket, bars and restaurants.

Cultural activities for children

Livorno Acquarium

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Dozens of pools with many species of animals, a submarine tunnel and a special touch tank are just some of the amazing things to see at Livorno Aquarium that will catapult you into discovering the underwater world. You will be able to know the "zebra" shark, sea turtles, and scorpion fish, as well as sea eagles, green mullet and "surgeon fish" all in a building at few steps from the sea overlooking the famous "Mascagni terrace".

Museo Leonardiano

Infos, admission and hours:
The Leonardian Museum is located in Vinci, a medieval village less than an hour's drive from Montaione, where you can spend a day with the whole family. Thanks to the models of machines and digital animations, children and teenagers will be able learn about all the works of Leonardo inventor, scientist and engineer: from flying to navigation, to warcraft projects to optics experiments.

Piaggio Museum

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The Piaggio Museum is the largest and most complete Italian museum dedicated to two wheels. It welcomes one-of-a-kind pieces that tell not only the history of the Piaggio Group and its brands, but also trace the history of mobility and industrial and social development in Italy. The exhibition, which is spread over an area of 5,000 square meters, shows countless models produced by Piaggio throughout its history: scooters (such as the famous Vespa) and motorcycles, but also ships, trains, airplanes and cars.


Certosa di Calci e Museo di Storia Naturale

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Located a few kilometers from Pisa on the slopes of the Monti Pisani, the Certosa di Calci is an exceptional place where amazement and enchantment mix with science, history, art and nature. The building of the Certosa di Calci, dating back to the 14th century (as a monastic complex) and enlarged between the 17th and 18th centuries, looks like a splendid Baroque monument. The complex houses the National Museum of the Certosa di Calci whose visit will lead you to discover the world of the "Carthusian" monks and the life they led - made up of rigor, meditation and contemplation - but also the architectural beauties starting from the church with its beautiful frescoes, the chapels of the friars, the large refectory and many beautiful rooms all furnished with great magnificence which have hosted the most noble families of Tuscany over the centuries.
Next to the Certosa di Calci is the Natural History Museum. Particularly suitable for children (thanks also to interactive panels), here you can admire an infinite number of zoological, paleontological and mineralogy exhibits, as well as live animals housed in the largest freshwater aquarium in Italy.