In the pool with children: tips for a no-stress day

Children and babies love the pool. On the other hand, what could be more fun than playing in or around the water? However, this involves dangers. To avoid them, it will be enough for adults and children to follow certain rules.

Although each accommodation has its own regulation for the swimming pool, below we list some good tips to keep in mind so that a day at the pool is spent with fun and safety.

pisc unattended


Never leave children unattended.

Water can be dangerous for children. Even if your child has already taken a swimming course, children should never be left unattended near swimming pools. The euphoria of fun makes it easy for children to underestimate the dangers they may face.

The little ones should even always be on hand so that, if necessary, you can intervene immediately.
If you lose sight of your child, start the search from the water. In the event of accidents in the water, in fact, the rescue must take place within a few minutes.

Many accommodation facilities have an area with shallow water where even small children can have fun without running risks and start to become familiar with water.

pisc wear



For a day at the pool with the children, all you need is the following things: a swimsuit, slippers, towel, bathrobe, sunscreen and spare clothes.

pisc solar protection


Protect children from the sun

Almost all the swimming pools of Montaione's accommodation are outdoors, so it is a good idea to bring along everything you need to protect yourself from the sun, especially in the summer months when temperatures during the day can easily exceed 35 C °.

At the pool with children and babies, you have to apply some special rules: due to a very sensitive skin, it is necessary to protect children and babies adequately from sun exposure with a sun protection cream with a SPF factor of not less than 50.

It is important to always choose a shady spot, without forgetting to use a sunscreen anyway, as even in the shade children are exposed to UV rays.

For further protection of children from sunlight it is also suggested to have a hat and possibly a lycra shirt.

bath after eat


Avoid bathing immediately after eating

To avoid the risk of congestion, before diving into the pool, it is prudent to wait for the digestion to finish: from one to three hours depending on the food eaten by the child.
This rule is even more important if the temperature range between day and night is high and the water is rather cold (or below 28 C °).

insetti e zanzare



Taking a swim in the pool while admiring the splendid panorama of the Tuscan countryside and surrounded by nature can be very relaxing and fun, but in the countryside there are often mosquitoes, wasps and other insects.
To prevent insect bites, you need to get a repellent spray or gel, but if you get stung, you can use soothing products that can reduce itching, pain and swelling.

These products are also available in a specific version for children and can be easily found in local supermarkets or pharmacies.

pool diapers


Swim diapers

If you go to the pool with a baby or with children who are still unable to use the toilet, it is important to have specific "swim diapers" that you can buy in supermarkets near Montaione.

after pool


And out from the water?

Children do not always stay in the water.
So remember to bring games or a book with you for breaks.
Because playing in the water makes you hungry, you can also put healthy snacks in your bag. Finally, make sure that the baby drinks abundantly during the day.

Once you treasured the information above, nothing can stop you from spending a nice day at the pool with your children. And now ley's go everybody  in the water!