Amusement and theme parks

Do you want to organize a different day where fun is ensured for the whole family? There is a lot to do: From water parks and adventure parks to traditional amusement parks with many attractions, here is a selection of the most interesting ones you can reach in a short time from Montaione.


Parco Preistorico

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Located in Peccioli (reachable in about 30 minutes by car from Montaione) the Prehistoric Park is a green area of about 3 hectares inside which there are 22 life-size reproductions of dinosaurs from the Paleozoic, Mesozoic and Cenozoic era.
A visit to the Prehistoric Park is an opportunity for the whole family, not only to have fun, but also to learn in an exciting way the history of the dinosaurs and the evolution of our planet.


Cavallino Matto

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Cavallino Matto is a magical place where a variety of attractions for children of all ages (from the children's roller coaster to the most reckless roller coaster) are waiting for you to spend a fun and exciting day in the pine forests of Marina di Castagneto Carducci.
Inside the park there is a restaurant and pizzeria.


Pinocchio park

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The Pinocchio Park is located in Collodi (the village where Carlo Lorenzini wrote the "Adventures of Pinocchio") near Pescia in the province of Pistoia.
Built in 1956, this is not a true "amusement park", but a garden where mosaics and sculptures (including Pinocchio and fairy, whale, carabiniere, cat and fox) you will revive the adventures of the world's most loved and well-known puppet.


Canyon Park

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Canyon Park is an adventure park located in the gorge of "Strette di Cocciglia" on the Lima River in Scesta, near Bagni di Lucca.
Here, among the narrow canyons with overhanging walls on the river, Tibetan bridges, cable cars, acrobatic passages on the crystalline waters of the Lima River are waiting for you to give you an incredible adrenaline rush and endless excitement.
If you still want adventure, choose to go rafting, go up the river (Aquatrekking) or rafting through the creek streams. If you like the quieter things, you can always relax on the beach or - on warmer days - cool off by diving into the crystalline waters of the "Blue Lagoon".


Acqua Village Cecina

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Acqua Village is located in Cecina, one of the most famous seashore locations in Tuscany. Over an area of more than 40,000 square feet of which 3,000 for pools, it offers water attractions for all tastes and for all ages: from the mini slides for the kids to the tallest slides for the bravest, thrill and fun are assured.