Holidays with family in Tuscany

When you decide to take a vacation with children, it is important to choose a place that will fulfill the expectations of the adults and the needs of the little ones without leaving nothing to chance.
So, tranquility, convenience and security become fundamental in choosing a destination for your vacation.

Discover why Montaione is the ideal destination for family-friendly holidays, where children are always welcome and parents can enjoy a moment of deserved relax!

In Montaione you will have the chance to choose from a variety of accommodation facilities where the family atmosphere and services suitable for the children will make you stay without any stress and worry.
Many accomodations provide for free or for hire baby cots and highchairs, as well as the possibility of requesting a baby sitting service. You will also find playgrounds and pools with low water where children can swim in tranquility and safety.

A dinner out? No problem!

In the restaurants and pizzerias of Montaione, children are always welcome and highchairs and menus for younger guests are available.

There is nothing healthier for children than spending time playing in the open air.

There are various outdoor activities suitable for children of all ages.

From horse riding clubs where even children can safely take their first horseback ride to the bicycle trails where older kids can begin to get friendly with the first off-road trails.

Even a simple walk through the countryside by picking berries or visiting a didactic farm will turn into extraordinary experiences where children can learn having fun in nature and discovering the traditions of country life.

If after all these activities you are not yet tired, in the evenings there is always the chance to take a good ice cream walking through the streets of the historical center of Montaione!

Whatever the age of your children is, one thing is clear : in Montaione it will be impossible to get bored!

Activities for the whole family

Holidays with children

Theme parks

Suitable for children of all ages, theme parks are an interesting alternative for spending a funny day!

And if the weather is bad?

Is it raining and the sky's cloudy? No problem! There are so many things to do that you will not have time to get bored!

In the pool with children

Children and babies love the pool. On the other hand, what could be more fun than playing in or around the water? However, this involves dangers. To avoid them, it will be enough for adults and children to follow certain rules.

Daily trip to the beach with the children

If you are on holiday with children and want to spend a different day than usual, a trip to the beach is what it takes to ensure fun for the whole family!

Family reunion and anniversary

Family reunion and anniversary

If you want to turn your holiday into an opportunity to reunite your family, to celebrate a birthday, an anniversary or perhaps to meet with your loved ones you have not seen for a long time, in Montaione you can choose a villa completely at your disposal.