Tuscan and Montaionese cooking

Tuscany is a region rich in traditions, which over the years has been influenced by many different cultures, which have merged together to create a mix of stories that characterize the inhabitants of these lands.

A mix of cultures that is still found today in the dishes of Tuscan cuisine whose recipes have different nuances that vary from place to place, giving that extra touch of genuineness depending on the products that are grown or that can be more easily found in different areas.

The favorable geographic position of Montaione, at the center of a dense road network (such as the Via Francigena and Via Volterrana) that in the Middle Ages connected the most important cities of Tuscany, and a great variety and quality of its products, have always characterized the montaionese kitchen.

The montaionese cuisine, like that of Tuscany, has its roots in the rural tradition.
Despite the abundance and variety of food, it is still a poor kitchen with simple ingredients, but at the same time tasty and savoury.

That's why the bread is present in the most varied forms, but also legumes, vegetables, chestnuts, cheeses, Wild game meat, beef, extra virgin oil  of olive up to the precious white truffle, are just some of the local products that join together to create a collection of delicacies that your palate will struggle to forget.

These explosions of taste are then enhanced by the wines produced here: from Chianti, young or aged in oak barrels, to supertuscans, but also white and rosé to finish with the inevitable vinsanto to accompany desserts and the famous "cantuccini".

This and much more is the Montaionese cooking!
Discover our food and wine traditions by entering in one of the Montaione's restaurants during your holidays, and taste our specialties.

Traditional recipes

Tuscan and montaionese recipes

Simple and creative, the recipes of the Montaionese's cuisine are a real condensate of taste, ancient flavors and history of the territory.