Wine tasting in farm

Did you know that in Tuscany, there is a special way to experience the flavors and authentic local products?
It's about wandering in the hills and indulging in a wine tour in the cellars, tasting wines directly from the producers.

In Tuscany wine is not just a traditional drink, but is one of the most exported products in the world. This is due to two important factors: the mild climate and a terroir suitable for the best local and international vineyards, but also for the care and passion that local producers dedicate daily working in vineyard and cellar.

From this mix can only be born exceptional, precious and inimitable wines that have conquered the world and continue to obtain the most important national and international awards. Usually, in addition to wines, farms offer tastes of other products such as extra virgin olive oil, cheeses and salami, some of which are of their own production.

Experience a wine tasting and a visit to the cellar to get a deep knoledge of the best fruits of this land presented with class and elegance.

In this section we will show you in which cellars you can make wine tastings and buy local products to bring home a hint of Tuscany.

Where to taste wines and local products