Holidays for gourmet

A holiday in Montaione is not only a scenic landscapes, a city of art and outdoor sports but it is also a journey into the gastronomic traditions of our territory through simple and tasty dishes that are able to satisfy even the most refined gourmet.

What's better than wandering around villages and hills by capturing their quiet charm, stopping in the wine cellars to taste the wines or buy one of the many typical and genuine products of the area?

Montaione offers exceptional gastronomic experiences at every step.
It is a country that seems to be specially designed for gourmets!

Let yourself tempted in one of the refined restaurants of Montaione where the genuineness of ancient recipes exalts the generosity and richness of the land and its products.

Do not miss the cold cuts, the white truffle, the cheese and the bread of Montaione, always accompanied by the extra-virgin olive oil of the highest quality and the wonderful wines of the territory.

If all this has not yet satisfied your desire to discover the gastronomic traditions of Montaione and its territory, you can enjoy a cooking course and learn the secrets to cook the best dishes of Tuscan and Montaionese cuisine. When you'll be back home, you will unleash your talent and surprise your guests. Be sure they will be impressed!

Ideas for gourmets

Wine tasting in farms

In an area that boasts an ancient wine-making tradition, whose wines are well known for their quality, you can not miss a visit in one of the many cellars and wineries tasting their products!

Cheese tasting

Whether you are a true connoisseur of cheese or simply want to spend a different day than usual, what could be better than going to find directly who make cheese every day?

Cooking classes

Would you like to learn how to cook some good Tuscan dishes like the ones you ate during your stay? Take part in a cooking course where our chefs will teach you the best secrets of their recipes!

Personal Chef

You do not want to cook, or do you have a birthday, an anniversary or a special event to celebrate and look for someone who cooks for you unique dishes inspired by the Tuscan tradition? Then you need a personal chef!

Pizza cooking class

If you are a lover of real Italian pizza and want to learn the secrets to become a real pizza chef, you cannot miss this experience, suitable for the whole family and in particular for children, where they will give vent to their imagination by mixing the ingredients of the pizza and then tasting, at the end of cooking, their creations.

Discover the farmer's life

Onions, courgettes, carrots, lettuce, artichokes... Do you want to discover the farmer's job, what is behind the healthy and natural products that we bring to our tables every day, and how does a farmer produce them?Don't miss these activities!

Montaione’s wines

Montaione’s wines

Only from a perfect mix of vines and selected grapes you can be obtained excellent wines. From Chianti to the best Igt, from the Supertuscans to the white or rosé, whatever your taste in wine, we are sure that you will find the one you like more.

For truffle lovers

Truffle products

From fresh white or black truffles to packaged products based on truffles such as sauces, creams, condiments and salami, in order to taste the truffle and its unmistakable taste throughout the year.

Truffle tasting

If you are a truffle lover, don’t miss the opportunity to taste an almost infinite variety of products made from this precious tuber. Here’s where you can make a tasting of truffle-based products.

Truffle hunting tour

An expert truffle hunter with his faithful and trained dog, will take you hunting truffles in the woods and valleys between Montaione and San Miniato teaching you the secrets and traditions of an art reserved only to “a select few”.

Pizza and take away food

Pizza and take away food

If you do not want to go out for dinner or even cook, in Montaione you can take advantage of some places where you can find food and takeaway pizza to enjoy in company and in the total relax of your garden.
Buon appetito!

Tuscan and montaionese cooking

Tuscan and montaionese cooking

Typical and genuine are the flavors of traditional Tuscan and montaionese cuisine, a simple but tasty cuisine that never disappoints, where the pleasures of the palate become a way to experience a territory and its traditions.

Traditional recipes

Tuscan and montaionese recipes

Simple and creative, the recipes of the Montaionese's cuisine are a real condensate of taste, ancient flavors and history of the territory.

Enogastronomic culture

Museum of vite and wine

The Museum of Vite and Wine of Montespertoli is much more than a museum. It's a journey through history, traditions and crafts related to the vine and wine that have made this beverage famous all over the world.

Local products

Local products

Wine, extra virgin olive oil, Tuscan bread, white truffles, cheese and salami are just some of the typical products you can taste at the restaurants or buy in shops, supermarkets or directly from farmers in farms.