The most famous Tuscan cities of art

You can’t say that you have had an holiday in Tuscany if you have not visited one of these cities at least once.

Accessible by car or by train these cities are a real concentration of history, art, and culture that are worth knowing more closely.

If you love cultural holidays you can visit the many museums, perhaps booking your ticket online and in advance to avoid queues, otherwise even a simple walk through the streets of the historic centers admiring the beauty of the buildings and churches will make you feel all the charm and magic that these places can transmit.

These cities can be reached either by car or by train. However, if to visit Siena, Pisa and Lucca we suggest you to use the car, to visit Florence it is much convenient to go by train. Starting from Castelfiorentino rail station (just 15 minutes by car from Montaione) you can leave your car in the nearby parking (for a fee), and wait for the first train (there is one every hour approximately) that in about an hour of journey will take you directly into the heart of Florence just a few steps from the historic center. Train tickets can be purchased at: Posarelli Tobacconist's and wine shop For more information or to see the train timetable, visit Trenitalia official website


Distance from Montaione 50,6 km (about 60 minutes by car)

Thanks to the architectural wonders, to the works of art that it contains, Florence is a unique city and one of the best known and most visited in the world. Crossed by the river Arno that helps to give a touch of romance to this beautiful city, Florence is a city where time seems to stand still. Capital of Tuscany and capital of Italy between 1865 and 1871, it is also called "cradle of the Renaissance" because it is precisely in this city have passed the best artists of Tuscany as Brunelleschi, Donatello, Masaccio and Michelangelo, each of whom has left his artistic, architectural and creative contribution that today can be admired in the many churches, monuments and museums of this fascinating town.



Distance from Montaione 60,7 km (about 60 minutes by car)

Surrounded by hills and breathtaking landscapes, Siena is an ancient medieval town rich in history, art and culture. Here you can get lost in the alleys of the old town until you reach the immense Piazza del Campo (where the famous "Palio" takes place twice a year) and the very high Torre del Mangia, visit the museums and the many churches including the beautiful Duomo of Siena, or just tasting the excellent food and wine.



Distance from Montaione 61,8 km (about 60 minutes by car)

When one thinks of Pisa, the first thing that comes to mind is the Leaning Tower. In fact, visiting the Piazza dei Miracoli, with the Duomo and the Leaning Tower is in itself an excellent reason why it is worth going to Pisa at least once in your life. But perhaps not everyone knows that the city has a thousand-year history (the name of the city dates back to the Etruscan era and alludes to the nearby "mouth" of the Arno river) which reached its peak at the time of the Maritime Republics of Italy. Even today, Pisa holds in itself architectural and artistic masterpieces of inestimable value that can be admired in the squares, or walking through alleys steeped in history, admiring Renaissance palaces and medieval towers. Not to mention the beautiful churches, in Romanesque and Gothic style as well as the charming promenade along the Arno.



Distance from Montaione 60,6 km (about 70 minutes by car)

Located at the foot of the Apuan Alps, Lucca is one of the most appreciated cities by tourists who come to Tuscany every year to visit this jewel of architecture. Either because it contains so many masterpieces of art and architecture, or because the size of this city make it easy to visit and perfectly "man-sized". Lucca is one of the few cities in Italy that still today preserves intact the ancient town walls (dating back to the 16th-17th centuries) over 4 km long, which contains monuments that bear witness to all the historical periods. Walking through the alleys of the historic center you can admire the Roman Amphitheater, the Cathedral of San Martino, the Basilica of San Frediano, and the beautiful church of San Michele, and why not, take a relaxing coffee break, sitting in one of the many bars that animate this truly original city.

Discovering the territory

At 1 hour drive

It seems almost impossible that in 1 hour driving or even less you can reach so many fascinating and famous places such as Florence, Pisa, Siena, San Gimignano, Volterra and Lucca, as well as small medieval villages that can attract thousands of visitors from all over the world. Discover what you can visit in 1 hour drive.

Museums in Valdelsa

Dozens of small museums with great historical, artistic and cultural value: this is the wide offer of the Valdelsa museums that awaits you to satisfy your curiosity and thirst for culture.