Permanent exhibition of ancient crafts

The exhibition of ancient crafts represents, through the display of specific work tools, the testimony of the crafts practiced by Ernesto Gennaro Cecconi during his life.

Born in Montaione on January 24, 1899, Ernesto Gennaro Cecconi started the blacksmith's profession from a young age, and since his works were particularly appreciated he was driven to improve himself in this job.

So - using the anvil as a support - by beating and modeling the metals as he pleased, his inspiration was immediately noticed by the citizens of Montaione, so much so that there were many jobs (both public and private) that were commissioned to him.

With his works he embellished the Palazzo Comunale (where you can still admire the chandeliers and railings of the stairs), the water well that was once in the center of Piazza della Chiesa, today Piazza della Repubblica, and many other places also outside the Montaionese territory.

Returning from the war (the 1st world war; he was in fact one of the "boys of '99, who went to war at the young age of 19) as a whimsical craftsman and also a little artist, Ernesto Gennaro Cecconi, he also learned the art of the shoemaker: took the shapes of the foot and listening to the customer's needs, proceeded with the processing of the leather by wrapping it on wooden forms and then fixing it with nails to the sole.

Ernesto Gennaro Cecconi also held the role of mayor of Montaione from 1948 to 1951.

Visiting the exhibition of ancient crafts is like stepping into the past, in the places we visited with our grandparents and where our eyes were lost among dozens of objects of which we hardly guessed the use.
These places preserve a legacy made of sacrifices and effort, which today, in the face of rampant consumerism, must not be forgotten, as they represent the true sense and meaning of life.

A few steps from the Mostra degli Antesti Mestieri, turning in "Vicolo della Rosa", you can see, on the wall, two interesting reproductions representing a "Madonna with child" and a "Franciscan cartouche".

Opening hours and visits

The exhibition of ancient crafts is located in Via Cresci, 37 and is open on Friday morning from 10 to 12 and on Sunday afternoon from 17 to 19. Free admission.


Getting there