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Church of San Regolo

In the heart of the historical center of Montaione, the Church of San Regolo overlooks onto the Piazza della Repubblica.

The first documents attesting the existence of the church inside the castle of Montaione, dedicated to St. Bartholomew, date back to 1369, when the montaionese citizens gathered in this church decide to subdue to Florence.

In 1816, the church of San Bartolomeo succeeded (taking its title) to the ancient Pieve di San Regolo (African saint who died in 781 and buried in the cathedral of Lucca), which was located just a kilometer outside the town walls.

An ancient legend tells that at San Vivaldo's death the church bells rang on their own,  so the saint was buried here under the main altar, where he remained until the early twentieth century.

From the architectural point of view, on the outside of the church there is a facade framed by two buttresses (1765) among which a sculpture depicting the radiant host of San Bernardino is placed at the top.

Next to the church is the bell tower which still has the shape dating back to 1795 by Tommaso Tofani. Once this was the ancient tower of the Municipality and at the base there was a lodge that was demolished in 1845.

In 1787 the Grand Duke of Tuscany Leopoldo rebuilt at its expense the Canonica located at the back of the church, which retains discrete decorations of neoclassical taste.

On the right side of the façade a tombstone recalls the burial of Francesco Chiarenti, montaionese scholar of medicine and agriculture. On the side of the church that overlooks Via Roma, the side shows a series of buttresses joined by arches, among which are the remains of an ancient brick arch.

Inside the church there is a sixteenth-century reconstruction (1635) thanks to the contribution of Scipione Ammirato il Giovane, which was then buried under the altar as seen from the plaque placed outside under the “Arch of Pieve”.

The counterfaced façade is neoclassical and in the same period it was made the decoration at the bottom right of the baptismal font. Continuing from this side, on the first altar there is the Madonna del Buon Consiglio (Florentine School of Cimabue XIII century).

In the "Compagnia" at the side of the church you can admire a beautiful table by Francesco Rosselli with "Virgin in throne with San Regolo and St. John the Baptist" and another beautiful picture with Tobia and the angel (dating back to the XVII century of the Flemish area) ; both paintings are related to the two chapels wanted by the Ammirato.

The "Madonna dei sette dolori" placed on the altar and dating back to 1773 is brought to procession every Good Friday.

Holy Mass
Church of San Regolo
Piazza della Repubblica
Saturday - at 18,00pm
Sunday - at 11,30am


Getting there

Other things you can visit in Montaione

Discover the secrets of Montaione through its artistic and cultural heritage riddled with churches and castles in a wonderful journey into our history.


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Jerusalem of San Vivaldo

The Holy Mount or Jerusalem of San Vivaldo is a place of great historical, artistic and cultural heritage. It includes a series of religious buildings including the Monastery and the Church dedicated to San Vivaldo and some chapels, whose layout reproduces on a small scale the Palestine Jerusalem of the fifteenth century.


Church of St. Floriano

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Roman Cistern

The Roman cistern is an ancient stone artifact dating back to Roman times (around III century B.C.) which was used as a water reservoire with a capacity of about 200,000 liters.


Castle of Vignale

The Castle of Vignale is located halfway down a hill that can only be reached on foot or by bicycle. Although today you can only admire the remains of this ancient castle it is easy to imagine the history of this place once disputed among the most noble Tuscan families.


Church of St. Joseph and Lucia

This small church dedicated to Saints Joseph and Lucia is also called the "Church of the Nuns" because it is annexed to a 16th century former monastery.


Sanctuary of Pietrina

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Cultural holidays

A lesser-known territory, away from the classical routes of mass tourism but equally fascinating and rich in art, history and traditions. Montaione will surprise you!

The richness of the artistic and cultural heritage of Montaione and its territory are just themeselves a good reason to spend a cultural holiday.

Montaione will surprise you!

Located in a natural and scenic environment of undeniable beauty where time seems to have stopped, explore the 8 locations of the territory of Montaione and discover the history and traditions with the certainty of always finding something unique and special.

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In Montaione there are so many things to do, to see and to visit that choosing can be really difficult.

Here are some tips for a holiday, where you won't be missing out on anything!

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Vespa tour

Would you like to ride among the enchanting landscapes of the Tuscan countryside with the sun in your face, the wind in your hair, and feeling the charm and the emotions of the italian "Dolce Vita"? So you don't have to miss a Vespa Tour!

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Quad tours

If you are looking for adventure, a quad tour in the Montaione's countryside might be just the thing. An extraordinary experience to live for a full day or just for a few hours.

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Bike rental and Mtb guided tour

IBikeMontaione and its staff are at your disposal for bicycle rentals and for guided mountain biking tours (with or without tasting of typical products and lasting a few hours to full days) to discover the most impressive locations of this beautiful area.

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Ceramic painting classes

A ceramic painting class is the perfect opportunity to learn about the art of ceramics decoration and painting techniques, all in a magical and relaxing atmosphere.

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Wine tasting in farms

In an area that boasts an ancient wine-making tradition, whose wines are well known for their quality, you can not miss a visit in one of the many cellars and wineries tasting their products!

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Cooking classes

Would you like to learn how to cook some good Tuscan dishes like the ones you ate during your stay? Take part in a cooking course where our chefs will teach you the best secrets of their recipes!

How to get to Montaione

Located in the center of the triangle between Florence, Siena and Pisa, Montaione is in a perfect location from which to explore Tuscany every day.

Car, train or plane. Whatever means you want to travel with, you will discover how easy it is to reach Montaione!

Images of Montaione

Take a look at our photo gallery and immerse yourself in the enchanting landscape of Montaione. We are sure we will make you fall in love with your next vacation spot.

Brochure of Montaione

Are you looking for inspiration for your holidays in Montaione? Browse our brochure, find out all the details and look at the most beautiful and significant images whenever you want*

Map of Montaione

On the map of Montaione and its territory you can easily find out all the services and have always at your fingertips the most important information to make you feel comfortable as a real Montaionese.*

*We don’t send advertising material. The brochure is available at the Tourist Office of Montaione, while the map can be found at the best accommodations in Montaione.


Tourist Office

Via Cresci, 17/19 - 50050 MONTAIONE (Florence)
+39 (0)571 699 255

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Separated waste collection

Enjoying your holiday and at the same time contributing to respect and protection of the environment?

In Montaione it is possible!

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