Church of St. Floriano

Located in the village of Castelfalfi, the Church of San Floriano, which is accessed through a staircase, is a remarkable example of Romanesque architecture in Tuscany.

The plant, originally built around the year 1000 with local stone, is typically Romanesque style: with a single nave cross and lateral altars in the transepts, while the presbytery is raised by two steps with an altar facing the faithful.
Adjacent to the church is the "Company" where there is an altar and the baptismal font. During the restoration work several frescoes were found representing coats of arms of noble families and religious scenes.

The church was partially reconstructed in 1511 preserving its original style including the loggia on the façade which was removed in 1920 during the last renovation.

The bell tower and the parish halls are part of the whole complex. Outside the church is surrounded by a large garden and a ramp to allow access to the disabled.

Interesting and unusual for a Church in Tuscany is the dedication to St. Florian, martyr of Lorch, revered in Austria, Bavaria, Poland and Italy in Bologna.

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