Church of Saints Joseph and Lucia

This small church, also called the "Church of the Nuns" because it is annexed to a former monastery, is dedicated to Saint Joseph and Lucia and is located in the “Piazza del Municipio”.

Built in the mid-16th century by the Bishop of Volterra, the Monastery (which today houses the municipal offices) embraced in 1574 the rule of St. Benedict and by the end of the century was the owner of some lands near Gambassi.

In the 18th century it became a Women's Conservatory but it wasn't spared by the government's policy that established the suppression of orders and convents during the Napoleonic era. The church has undergone repeated restorations by the Common which became the owner of the whole complex from the second half of the 19th century.

Although it has been closed for many years, today it has returned to the ancient splendor thanks to the municipal administration which, in agreement with the Parish of San Regolo, has decided to put again at disposal the Montaionese people and all those who wish to visit it a place of cult that is part of the history and memory of this village.

Getting there