Castle of Vignale

On foot or by bike, from the road leading from San Vivaldo to Iano, taking the path to the right (especially following the hiking trails number 5 and 7 of the Montaione MTB Trail Area), you will easily get to the Castle of Vignale.

The Castle of Vignale is mentioned for the first time in a document dated back to 1161 by Federico Barbarossa, and later in 1186 it is mentioned again when Arrigo VI gives a part of Vignale, along with Barbialla and Castelfalfi, to the Bishop of Volterra, Ildebrando Pannocchieschi, and another part to the Counts of Gherardesca, a noble and ancient family of Tuscany.

After some wars, the Castle of Vignale was subdued to San Miniato, then to Pisa and finally to Florence; then, the castle was abandoned.

Today, it is still possible to admire the ruins of the castle with the church and the nearby old mill.

Getting there