Montaione sightseeing

Tuscany is famous in Italy and all over the world for its great treasures of art and culture, but there is a less known but equally fascinating Tuscany made up of small medieval villages, ancient convents, small churches, convents and small museums with a whole history to tell.

Montaione is just one of these fascinating places, happy to show its artistic and cultural heritage and ready to tell about its history.

If you love culture, you are really lucky to be here!

Here the history has left its mark: the territory, which has always been desidered for its strategic position in the center of Tuscany at the crossroads between Florence, Siena and Pisa and near the Via Francigena, still preserves tangible traces in the cultural and gastronomic traditions of those peoples which have crossed and lived in Montaione over the millennia.

The things to see are so many that it may seem difficult, but certainly exciting, to choose.

Just leave Montaione and pass through the Civic Museum and the Praetorian Palace, then come to the Church of San Regolo to know its origins, or, just out the walls, visit the Monastery and Jerusalem of San Vivaldo, the castel of Castelfalfi or the Sanctuary of Pietrina to discover traces of a glorious past.


Jerusalem of San Vivaldo

The Holy Mount or Jerusalem of San Vivaldo is a place of great historical, artistic and cultural heritage. It includes a series of religious buildings including the Monastery and the Church dedicated to San Vivaldo and some chapels, whose layout reproduces on a small scale the Palestine Jerusalem of the fifteenth century.


Church of San Regolo

The Church of San Regolo – a remarkable example of Romanesque architecture in Tuscany dating back to the 13th or 14th centuries – overlooks onto the Piazza della Repubblica in the heart of the historical center of Montaione.


Civic Museum

Located inside the Palazzo Pretorio, the Civic Museum tells the history of the territory of Montaione through archaeological, paleontological, mineral and fossil findings recovered in the surroundings of Montaione.


Permanent exhibition of ancient crafts

Through the exhibition of a collection of iron crafts and footwear tools that belonged to Ernesto Gennaro Cecconi, this exhibition represents an interesting journey to rediscover the craftsmanship of the past.


Church of St. Joseph and Lucia

This small church dedicated to Saints Joseph and Lucia is also called the “Church of the Nuns” because it is annexed to a 16th century former monastery.


Roman Cistern

The Roman cistern is an ancient stone artifact dating back to Roman times (around III century B.C.) which was used as a water reservoire with a capacity of about 200,000 liters.


Sanctuary of Pietrina

Situated on the peak of a rock from which you can admire the beautiful landscape that extends to the hill of Volterra, the Sanctuary of Pietrina is a small church famous for a painting representing the “Madonna with Child”.


Church of St. Floriano

Located in the village of Castelfalfi, the Church of San Floriano, which is accessed through a staircase, is a remarkable example of Romanesque architecture in Tuscany.


Castle of Vignale

The Castle of Vignale is located halfway down a hill that can only be reached on foot or by bicycle. Although today you can only admire the remains of this ancient castle it is easy to imagine the history of this place once disputed among the most noble Tuscan families.