Clay is the raw material to produce earthenware, and still today is possible to find it in abundance in the territory of Montaione.

In Tuscany, the manufacturing of clay to produce earthenware or " Terracotta" is dated back to the Middle Ages. The main characteristic of the clay for the manufacturing of earthenware was its plasticity that allow to produce different shapes according to different functions and use of the final products.

In fact, master craftsman's produced, in addiction to bricks, containers of earthenware for the commerce and preservation for olive oil and wine.
The tools to work the clay were mainly hands and a wooden stick to smooth and measure the object during the working process. Later, the traditional working technique with hands, was substitute with the potter's wheel and the mould.

The fresh clay of the objects were usually signed with a nail with the name of the master, the shop and the date of manufacturing, than put in wood-burning oven.