The glorious past, the artistic and architectural heritage, as well as the nature, the environment and the landscapes have always been a source of inspiration for Montaiones’s craftsmen whose skilled hands create unique works of art coming from Tuscany every day all over the world.

Although several centuries have passed since Montaione was famous in Tuscany for the art of glass-making and the skill of its artisan masters, there is still a fervent craftsmanship, ranging from colorful pottery to terracotta and onyx objects that keep alive its secular traditions.



Tuscany vaunts an ancient tradition in ceramics, in particular in the area of Montelupo Fiorentino near Florence, dated back to the X century.



Clay is the raw material to produce earthenware, and still today is possible to find it in abundance in the territory of Montaione.


Onix and semi-precious stones

In the south area of the territory of Montaione, in particular in the area near Iano, there are veins of travertine and calcareous alabaster, that for its structure and colours is commonly defined in Alabaster-Onyx.