Separated waste collection

Enjoying your holiday and at the same time contributing to respect and protection of the environment?
In Montaione it is possible!

Making recycling is an action that has become part of our daily life; so even when you're on vacation, keep doing it, it's always a good habit.

Spending a holiday in a place where nature is pristine and the streets are clean and tidy, it is a right of resident citizens and tourists, who also have the duty to make their own contribution by producing less waste and dividing it properly.

This is why we ask our guests to help us keep our territory clean.

Being an awareness tourists means making a little effort to respect the rules of the place where you go on holiday, so whether you are staying in a hotel room or having rented one of the many apartments, it is fair to know that in Montaione we do the separated waste collection.

Since not all the locations make the collection in the same way, the information that you will find later DO NOT want to be a detailed guide to the separate collection (which will be provided by the owner of the accommodation where you stay), but a campaign to raise awareness of the protection of a good - the territory - that belongs to each of us.

During your stay you will be asked to divide the waste according to the following categories: Organic, Paper, Plastic and aluminum, Glass* and Undifferentiated.
The waste must be thrown into the appropriate bins (with colors that vary depending on the category of waste) which in turn will be placed on the road - the evening before collection - by the owner or manager of the accommodation, according to the following procedures:

Separated waste collection

Plastic and aluminium
*The glass must be thrown into the green bins that are placed on the roads of the territory of Montaione. Look on the map of Montaione where the glass containers are located.