localita sughera
Distance from Montaione: 8,9 km
Altitude: mt 215 a.s.l. (above sea level)

The town of Sughera can be reached from Montaione following the provincial road towards San Miniato to the bridge over the Egola stream.
From here, turn left, cross the village of Alberi and climb up the hills until you reach the junction with the road to Tonda, then turn right and continue to the village.
The name "Sughera" or "Suvera" comes from cork oak, an evergreen plant that grows throughout the Mediterranean basin.

For all we know, the castle of Sughera was donated in 1186 by the German emperor Arrigo VI to the bishop of Volterra Ildebrando Pannocchieschi.

There is more news about the Church of San Pietro Apostolo alla Sughera in a document of 1261, when the parish was part of the church of Castelfalfi.

In a document of 1338, the Church of San Cerbone is also mentioned. In 1528 the church, dedicated to Saints Peter and Cerbone, was assigned by Pope Clemente VII to Benedetto Baldovinetti, bishop of Lucca.

The old church, which was located between the present church and the soccer field, since it was in precarious conditions, was demolished and reconstructed in the 1970s with an octagonal plan and was dedicated to the Saints Peter and Cerbone.

Today, in the village, from which you can enjoy a beautiful view of the surrounding countryside, remains the old narrow street and the alleys between the brick houses, the well in the main square and the remains of an ancient chapel.