localita san vivaldo
Distance from Montaione: 6,9 km
Altitude: mt 416 a.s.l. (above sea level)

Not far from the Holy Mount or Jerusalem in Tuscany, there is the village of San Vivaldo, mentioned in a document dating back to the XVI century by the Captain of Guelfa Part, which attests the existence of the Church, the Convent and some houses scattered in the nearbies.

From a document dated 1830 (a map of the Tuscan Land Registry) it turns out that there were all houses in the old part of the fraction deployed along the road.

As from a census of 1861, with the development of glass processing, many glassmasters were living in San Vivaldo to the point that it was the fraction with the lowest rate of illiteracy.

In the early 1900s, there were two mills, a mill, a “tabaccaia” and two brick kilns in San Vivaldo.

San Vivaldo is still inhabited, many houses have been refurbished and transofrmed into holiday apartments. Along the road there is a pizza restaurant, while the old school is now closed.