localita mura
Distance from Montaione: 3,6 km
Altitude: mt 192 a.s.l. (above sea level)

A few kilometers on the road from Montaione to San Miniato, you will find the town of Le Mura, whose name probably dates back to 1405, and is related to an ancient castle or fortress of the time.

Although some findings suggest that the area was inhabited since Etruscan period, the first news dates back to 1356 and are related to the Church of “Sorripole” or “Surripole”. This ancient church was destroyed after a landslide and was rebuilt using the remaining material near the canonical in the early 19th century. Today the Church on the main road is called "Santo Stefano in Sorripole".

The first houses were located on a hilltop located on the left side of the present hamlet, while the fortification, of which only some remains of a tower are left, was located below.

On the edge of the road is a tabernacle dedicated to “Santa Verdiana”, patron saint of Castelfiorentino. This is to remind people that just under the hamlet of Mura, near the Aia stream, a girl under the age of 15, named Verdiana, working at a farmer's family did her first miracle while grazing sheeps.
There is no exact information on the birthplace of Santa Verdiana, but the first news come from the area of Montaione.

Today Mura is a locality on the outskirts of Montaione where a restaurant, a gas station and a horse stable are located. The old houses, including the “tabaccaia” (a former building used to dry tobacco) have been restored, and some of them are used as farm houses. Today they host those who wish to spend a holiday in Tuscany.