localita alberi
Distance from Montaione: 6,0 km
Altitude: mt 99 a.s.l. (above sea level)

The village of Alberi is a hamlet of Montaione along the banks of the river Egola, reachable from Montaione following the road to San Miniato and turning left after passing the bridge over the river.

One of the oldest documents mentioning the locality of Alberi, is dated back to 1413 concerning the Church of San Giusto in Sorripa, although there are no remains of this building today. The current Church of Alberi, is dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and was donated to the inhabitants by the Giglioli-Masi family.

In a census of 1861 the fraction was called "Sorripa Nuova" to distinguish itself from the ancient "Sorripa" which was in a raised position.

The name Alberi is due to the fact that in the valley of the river Egola - thanks to the moisture of the valley floor - there are large plantations of poplars that in the local dialect and typical of the Tuscan slang are commonly called "Alberi"(trees) and are used for the manufacture of paper.

Near Alberi, there were some mills, exploiting the waters of the Egola River to move the blades, grinding wheat crops of the surrounding hills.
There is also news of an old theater where shows have been performed until the 1930s, and then it was converted to school until the 1970s.

The hamlet is still inhabited, there are some restaurants and a little grocery, while some houses have been restructured and used as a tourist residences and holiday homes.