The territory

Take a look at the 8 locations of the territory of Montaione, located in a natural and scenic setting of breathtaking beauty, where time seems to have stopped.

Even today the names of some localities, such as Castelfalfi, Barbialla, Collegalli, Mura, Alberi, Iano, Round, Santo Stefano, San Vivaldo and Sughera, evoke the presence of those ancient castles and fortresses which remind of a glorious past.

Explore the territory of Montaione, so you can discover its history and traditions with the certainty of always finding something unique and special.

Localities of Montaione

localita alberi
Distance from Montaione: 6,0 km
Altitude: 99 a.s.l. (Above sea level)
The village of Alberi is a hamlet of Montaione along the banks of the river Egola, reachable from Montaione following the road to San Miniato and turning left after passing the bridge over the river.
localita castelfalfi
Distance from Montaione: 11,2 km
Altitude: 272 a.s.l. (Above sea level)
Just 10 km from Montaione lies the medieval village of Castelfalfi with its castle and the beautiful Romanesque church of San Floriano.
localita iano
Distance from Montaione: 9,9 km
Altitude: 313 a.s.l. (Above sea level)
Located in the southern part of the territory of Montaione near the border with the municipality of Volterra, Iano is reached by the road that from Montaione passes throught San Vivaldo and head towards Villamagna.
localita mura
Distance from Montaione: 3,6 km
Altitude: 192 a.s.l. (Above sea level)
A few kilometers on the road from Montaione to San Miniato, you will find the town of Le Mura, whose name probably dates back to 1405, and is related to an ancient castle or fortress of the time.
localita santo stefano
Distance from Montaione: 8,2 km
Altitude: 210 a.s.l. (Above sea level)
Coming from Montaione and following Via Santo Stefano in the direction of Castelfiorentino after about 5 km we meet the hamlet of Santo Stefano.
localita sanvivaldo
Distance from Montaione: 6,9 km
Altitude: 416 a.s.l. (Above sea level)
Not far from the Holy Mount or Jerusalem in Tuscany, there is the village of San Vivaldo, mentioned in a document dating back to the XVI century by the Captain of Guelfa Part, which attests the existence of the Church, the Convent and some houses scattered in the nearbies.
localita sughera
Distance from Montaione: 8,9 km
Altitude: 215 a.s.l. (Above sea level)
The town of Sughera can be reached from Montaione following the provincial road towards San Miniato to the bridge over the Egola stream.
localita tonda
Distance from Montaione: 9,8 km
Altitude: 206 a.s.l. (Above sea level)
On the top of a hill where the "Evola" or "Egola" and "Carfalo" streams flow, the village of Tonda can be reached from Montaione going along the road leading to San Vivaldo, and turning right about a kilometer before San Vivaldo.