Montaione's White Truffle

Fragrant, inebriating, engaging, for many even aphrodisiac. This is the White Truffle of Montaione that gives a touch of nobility at every course, transforming simple dishes into refined and delicious recipes.

Located in one of the richest truffle areas of Tuscany and Italy together with San Miniato, Montaione, besides boasting a historic truffle harvest tradition dating back to the early 20th century, is part of the “Asscoaizione Nazionale Città del tartufo” (National Truffle City Association), which has as its main purpose the protection and enhancement of Italian Truffles.

The best time to taste or buy the white truffle is between the end of October and the beginning of November. In addition to being the truffles collection period, during the early autumn in Montaione there is the "Tartufesta", a market show of this precious tuber that recall many people from all over Italy and from abroad.

You can not say that you have really tasted the Montaionese kitchen without having first tried a white truffle dish in one of the restaurants in the area. The skilled hands of the many chefs in Montaione really know how to enhance the properties and flavor of this precious tuber.

For truffle lovers

Truffle products

From fresh white or black truffles to packaged products based on truffles such as sauces, creams, condiments and salami, in order to taste the truffle and its unmistakable taste throughout the year.

Truffle tasting

If you are a truffle lover, don’t miss the opportunity to taste an almost infinite variety of products made from this precious tuber. Here’s where you can make a tasting of truffle-based products.

Truffle hunting tour

An expert truffle hunter with his faithful and trained dog, will take you hunting truffles in the woods and valleys between Montaione and San Miniato teaching you the secrets and traditions of an art reserved only to “a select few”.

Recipes with truffle

From the ground to the plate, the step is short and... tasty! Find out how the montaionese chefs know how to enhance the precious white truffle.

Crespelle with truffle

Producers, cellars and farms in Montaione and surroundings

The producers of Montaione

If you want to find out how the raw materials of the Montaione area are transformed into typical products of excellence, you just have to get to know who the producers are.