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Montaione’s cured meats

Montaione’s cured meats comes from from the ancient traditions of the tuscan master deli meat makers and from the processing of first quality meat of Italian pork, “Cinta Senese” and wild boar.

Here is a selection of the best cured meats of Montaione:

Cinta Senese “”Sbriciolona

The Cinta Senese “Sbriciolona” is a typical Tuscan cured meat similar to the “Finocchiona” made with lean meats and fat – exclusively from “Cinta Senese” certified DOP pigs – finely chopped with addition of salt, pepper and wild fennel. After being stuffed into the natural casing and aged for 5 months, a product with an unmistakable taste is obtained, from a dark red color with white fat and a consistent but friable cutting structure (that crumbles) from which name comes “sbriciolona”.

Cinta Senese Ham

This ham, characterized by a red meat and a low percentage of pinkish-white fat, has a more intense aroma than the common hams. It is obtained by massaging the fresh pork leg of “cinta senese” DOP, covering it with just the right amount of salt and natural aromas according to an ancient recipe from the Tognetti’s family. After resting on wooden boards in order to reach the correct salting, the hind legs of pork are hung in special cells that allow gradual and progressive drying of the product and then go on to ripening.

Cinta Senese Salami

The Cinta Senese Salami comes from a consistent and compact structure, a strong and intense fragrance and a dark red color with white fat. The dough is produced with finely chopped meat and fat from Cinta Senese DOP pigs, in addition to salt, pepper, garlic, sugar and natural flavors to give the product its typical flavor. Once bagged in natural casing, the product is placed in a fresh and ventilated place for ripening.

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