Tuscan cured meat

From the small artisan butchery to important companies with wide production capacities, the production of Montaione’s cured meats is based on respect for traditions, transmitted from generation to generation, and strict production regulations that guarantee food quality and safety.

It is then the realiable hand of the man who transforms the meat coming from either traditional pigs or "Cinta Senese" or even wild boar bred in the open, into hams, salami, sausages, bacon and “finocchiona” of the highest quality, able to satisfy even the most refined and demanding palates.

Let yourself then be conquered by the aromas and flavors of the Montaione’s salami.

Montaione’s cured meats

Montaione’s cured meats

Montaione’s cured meats comes from from the ancient traditions of the tuscan master deli meat makers and from the processing of first quality meat of Italian pork, "Cinta Senese" and wild boar.

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The "Cinta Senese"

The Cinta Senese is an ancient and noble Italian pig probably already bred in Roman times.

Producers, cellars and farms in Montaione and surroundings

The producers of Montaione

If you want to find out how the raw materials of the Montaione area are transformed into typical products of excellence, you just have to get to know who the producers are.