In Tuscany, the art of cheese making (because it is a real art!), has a long and ancient tradition.

Made with milk from local pastures, Tuscan cheeses are unique and special artisanal products.
There are so many: soft or seasoned, with a delicate or pungent taste, each one with unique and unmistakable characteristics.

There are so many cheeses in Tuscany, - like "ricotta", or "marzolino - but without a doubt, the "pecorino", is the best known and appreciated. It is produced with 100% sheep's milk and enriches the dishes of Tuscan cuisine since the time of the Etruscans.

If you are a cheese lover, do not miss a cheese tasting in one of the dairy farms of Montaione where you can also buy some to take home.

Montaione's Cheeses

Montaione's Cheeses

In Montaione the dairy art is represented by some dairies who follow the ancient techniques and production processes handed down over the centuries producing top quality cheeses.

Degustazioni di formaggi

Cheese tasting

Whether you are a true connoisseur of cheese or simply want to spend a different day than usual, what could be better than going to find directly who make cheese every day?

Dairy in Montaione

Ceccardi Giacomo

Since 1986, Ceccardi Giacomo, is a dairy that produces high quality cheeses with pure sheep milk exclusively from local suppliers (Peccioli, Montaione, Castelfiorentino, San Miniato) with grazing livestock.

Producers, cellars and farms in Montaione and surroundings

The producers of Montaione

If you want to find out how the raw materials of the Montaione area are transformed into typical products of excellence, you just have to get to know who the producers are.