Tuscan bread

The fragrance of freshly baked bread and its presence on the table, are in the collective imagination the most immediate references of our civilization, culture and tradition.

Bread is much more than a food, it is a symbol that contains many and high meanings, even sacred ones. For centuries it is the very emblem of nutrition of body and soul, union and friendship.
Offering or sharing a piece of bread is the simplest and most authentic form of welcome, brotherhood and openness to others.

Montaione still produces Tuscan bread today, a saltless bread whose ancient tradition, perpetrated over the centuries has its roots in poverty, because "tasteless" bread gets along well with the tasty food of this land.

Montaione, who is part of the "Associazione Città del Pane" (City of the bread association), support these principles to defend traditional baking, knowing that bread can be a tool for cohesion and enhancement of a community.