My name is Leonardo and I was born and raised in a small town immersed in the Tuscan countryside. I have always been attracted and fascinated by nature and its mysteries, but the encounter with the world of truffles was literally love at first sight. This great passion also played a key role in my education. In fact, after finishing high school, I enrolled at the Faculty of Agriculture in Pisa, where I graduated in Agricultural Sciences and obtained a master's degree in Biosafety and Food Quality with a thesis focused on the study of the microbial population associated with truffles. Indeed, the truffle is not sterile, but represents a biological niche where bacterial and fungal populations coexist, fundamental for its organoleptic and ecological characteristics.

The love for my dogs, the passion for truffles, and the knowledge I have acquired over the years have pushed me to look for a way to share my experience with those who are intrigued by this world. I have therefore decided to offer truffle hunting activities, where young people and adults can follow me along hidden paths in search of the renowned gold of the earth, and experience the same emotions that I feel every time I go into the woods.

Once harvested, the truffle can be enjoyed fresh or cooked in such a way as to maintain all its flavor and aroma, but be preserved for a long time. In fact, “Tuscany Flavor” is the brand that I created and with which I ship artisanal products based on white truffles (Tuber magnatum pico) or black summer truffles (Tuber aestivum) to Italy and abroad, capable of bringing back the palate and mind in Tuscany, even if hundreds of kilometers away.

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Leonardo awaits you at its headquarters in Corazzano where you can find a wide choice of truffle-based products.

For more information or to reserve a truffle hunt a truffle tasting combined with excellent local wines, you can call or send an email.

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  • Mr. Leonardo Bandini
  • +39 333 9363587 (Leonardo)
  • Via Zara, 158 56028 Loc. Corazzano - San Miniato (Pisa)

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