Extra vergine oil of olive

The cultivation of olive trees in Montaione's territory has helped to outline, in the course of centuries, the current configuration of the rural landscape, modeling not only the morphology of the hilly landscape but also the historical heritage of the entire local area.

The color is golden yellow crossed by green shades, the flavor is fruity with a background of a bitter and spicy sensation: this is the extra virgin olive oil produced by the olives in the Montaione area which, to protect its quality and value, is part of the Association "City of Oil".

Try the extra vergine oil of olive of Montaione on a bread “bruschetta” and you may say you have tasted one of the best local dishes!

Extravergine oil of olive of Montaione

Extravergine oil of olive of Montaione

Intense green color with golden reflections, fruity and spicy taste, in perfect harmony for the sense of smell and palate. This is the extra virgin olive oil that comes from olive trees grown on the hills of the territory of Montaione.

Producers, cellars and farms in Montaione and surroundings

The producers of Montaione

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