Typical products

Montaione, land of 1000 flavors.

Montaione boasts a great range of typical products of excellence, many of which are linked to ancient rural traditions and are still produced with the same care and love as ever.

Thanks to the excellent quality of these products and to the commitment to safeguard and protection of the territory that Montaione has earned awards such as "City of Bread", "City of Truffle" and "City of  Oil".

Wine, extra virgin olive oil, Tuscan bread, white truffles, cheese and salami are just some of the typical products you can taste at the restaurants or buy in shops, supermarkets or directly from farmers in farms.



The ideal location, the richness of the soil and the Mediterranean climate with hot summers and rainy winters have created in Montaione the ideal conditions for the development of a wine production of excellence.


Extravergine oil of olive

The cultivation of olive trees in Montaione's territory has helped to outline, in the course of centuries, the current configuration of the rural landscape, modeling not only the morphology of the hilly landscape but also the historical heritage of the entire local area.


White Truffle

Fragrant, inebriating, engaging, for many even aphrodisiac. This is the White Truffle of Montaione that gives a touch of nobility at every course, transforming simple dishes into refined and delicious recipes.



Made with milk from local pastures, Tuscan cheeses are unique and special artisanal products. There are so many: soft or seasoned, with a delicate or pungent taste, each one with unique and unmistakable characteristics.


Bread of Montaione

In Montaione offering or sharing a piece of bread is the simplest and most authentic form of welcome, brotherhood and openness to others.


Tuscan cured meats

Produced with high quality meat from mainly free-ranging pigs, Montaione boasts a tradition of cured meats that will make you mouth-watering.