Do you want to come on holiday to Montaione by electric car? No problem!

An holiday with an electric car requires a little more planning than a vacation with a traditional motor car. One of the most important things to keep in mind is not only the autonomy of your car, but you also need to know the network of stations where you can recharge your car, both during the journey and once you arrive at your destination.

So if you own an electric car and you have decided to spend your holiday in Montaione, we are happy to welcome you, thanks to a public charging station located in Piazza della Nunziatina (see the map of Montaione), and some accommodation facilities that offer recharging service for electric vehicles.

Find out which accommodation facilities have charging stations* for electric vehicles, so, after a day around Tuscany, you can comfortably recharge your electric car overnight.

Pian della Casa
n. 1 EV charging station
Type 2
7 Kw

Piè di Costa
n. 1 EV charging station
Type 2
11 Kwh

Tenuta Orzale
n. 1 EV charging station
Type 1
6 Kw
* The service may be subject to a fee.