The exceptional climate that Montaione enjoys thanks to its geographical position in the western part of the center of Italy is without a doubt a gift of nature.

In summer the temperatures does not usually exceed 32 ° but in some days in the period between the end of June and the middle of August, in Montaione, temperatures above 37 ° C can be reached with a high humidity level. However, thanks to an altitude of 373 meters above sea level and a West-North / West thermal breeze that rises during Montaione's afternoon, the temperature is pleasant even in the most warm days.

Spring and autumn are also two seasons in which temperature ensures pleasant days without sudden changes.
The period between early March and mid-June and between early September and late October is ideal for spending a holiday in Montaione as the temperatures do not fall below 20/25 degrees and sometimes it is still possible to go to the swimming pool.
Days are still relatively long and mild so that you can enjoy many outdoor activities and sports.

Autumn is a very important period for the countryside: vintage harvest (September), olive harvest and truffle hunting (late October). This is the time when many tourists have the opportunity to taste new oil and new wine.

Do not underestimate the charm of the period from the end of November to the end of December when Christmas magic makes Tuscany even more impressive.

During this time the temperature is rarely below 7 ° and the art cities are less crowded. Scattered all over the region there are numerous events and craft markets linked to Christmas tradition and stores, full of lights and decorations, remain open on Sundays.

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During summer season due to the high daytime temperatures and because we are in the countryside it is possible to be bitten by insects such as mosquitoes and / or be annoyed by flies. However, those who are allergic to insect bites or especially children with delicate skin are advised to bring anti-allergic skin care products.