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Where to stay

Montaione's unrivalled range of holiday experiences is matched only by the variety of accommodations offered by its territory. Whether for a short break or a longer stay, you'll be able to choose from chic hotels and stylish country houses to friendly bed-and-breakfasts and comfortable self-catering apartments.

Most of these accommodations are almost always run by the owners themselves but all characterised by a cozy and pleasant atmosphere.

Why book directly

Booking an accommodation with VisitMontaione is quick and easy.

Click here to discover the advantages of direct booking
Booking an accommodation with VisitMontaione is quick and easy.

Each accommodation display the basic information to choose the one that suits yor needs. In fact you can see the photographs, know the services and the position with respect to Montaione. If this is not enough you can always visit the official website of the accommodation. At this point you will only have to fill the availability request form with your data and any specific requests.

Within a few hours you will receive the answer with availability and a personalized offer.

Ask for availability

Ask for availability of accommodation specifying special needs for you or your family. You can do it simply using the form that you find on the page of each accommodation or directly from the official website.

Wait for the owner answer

It takes only a few hours, but sometimes even a few minutes, to receive an answer with the availability of the accommodation you have chosen.

Book directly from the accommodation official websote!

Now you are ready to book your holiday. Visit the official website of the structure you have chosen and enjoy your holiday. Simple, isn't it?

Here are some good reasons why you should book directly:

Nobody knows the accommodation you have chosen better than the owners.

Often OTAs to show more and more accommodations, display a long list of structures making them unfortunately seem all the same. This, does nothing but create a flattening of the offer to the point that the only difference ... is it made by the lowest price.
In reality, each structure is different from the other, with characteristics (location, services, number of beds, etc. ..) that only the official website can show you accurately in every single shade.

Direct booking provides added value to its guests.

In fact, it will be possible to access special offers and obtain personalized services based on your small and big needs, and why not, on your wishes, which OTAs can hardly manage or consider.

You will be treated like family people.

The direct contact with the owners that born from the moment of booking will contribute to create a friendly atmosphere, which will also last during your stay making you feel like at home and always in the spotlight.

Choose exactly the ideal structure for you and your family

By visiting the website of the accommodation, you can - in the maximum transparency and clarity of information - choose exactly the accommodation that suits you. In fact, by evaluating the various aspects of the structure you have chosen (which is almost impossible to do on the OTA site that tend to "standardize" the information), you will be sure to find no "unwelcome" surprise when you arrive.

Know the real availability of housing

By booking directly you will be sure to have access to all rooms or apartments.
This is because often distributors (Booking, Expedia,, etc.) manage only part of the rooms or apartments available.
It is not rare, in fact, that the owners can offer alternative accommodations (eg a 4-person apartment can be offered to 2 people at a discounted price), while the intermediaries say it is complete.

Book at the best price.

Booking directly is very easy to find cheaper prices than those of OTA, at most you will find the same price. In this case, not having brokerage costs (usually between 15 and 20%) the owner will have more margin for future investments. Moreover, if money remains in place, it will contribute more to supporting the local economic framework.

Now that you have discovered all the advantages of direct booking, are you still sure to book with an OTA?
How about taking some time and contacting an owner directly and choosing the ideal accommodation for your holiday, exactly as you have always dreamed of?


Holiday homes and apartments

Self catering apartments for rent in farmhouses and villas equipped with all comforts.


Agriturismo and farmhouse stay

Apartments and bedrooms in farmhouses.


Independent Villas

Luxury independent Villas with private pool for group tavellers.

Located in a natural and scenic environment of undeniable beauty where time seems to have stopped, explore the 8 locations of the territory of Montaione and discover the history and traditions with the certainty of always finding something unique and special.

Click on the localities of the territory

In the pool with children

Children and babies love the pool.

On the other hand, what could be more fun than playing in or around the water? However, this involves dangers. To avoid them, it will be enough for adults and children to follow certain rules.



In Montaione there are so many things to do, to see and to visit that choosing can be really difficult.

Here are some tips for a holiday, where you won't be missing out on anything!

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Vespa tour

Would you like to ride among the enchanting landscapes of the Tuscan countryside with the sun in your face, the wind in your hair, and feeling the charm and the emotions of the italian "Dolce Vita"? So you don't have to miss a Vespa Tour!

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Quad tours

If you are looking for adventure, a quad tour in the Montaione's countryside might be just the thing. An extraordinary experience to live for a full day or just for a few hours.

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Bike rental and Mtb guided tour

IBikeMontaione and its staff are at your disposal for bicycle rentals and for guided mountain biking tours (with or without tasting of typical products and lasting a few hours to full days) to discover the most impressive locations of this beautiful area.

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Ceramic painting classes

A ceramic painting class is the perfect opportunity to learn about the art of ceramics decoration and painting techniques, all in a magical and relaxing atmosphere.

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Wine tasting in farms

In an area that boasts an ancient wine-making tradition, whose wines are well known for their quality, you can not miss a visit in one of the many cellars and wineries tasting their products!

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Cooking classes

Would you like to learn how to cook some good Tuscan dishes like the ones you ate during your stay? Take part in a cooking course where our chefs will teach you the best secrets of their recipes!

How to get to Montaione

Located in the center of the triangle between Florence, Siena and Pisa, Montaione is in a perfect location from which to explore Tuscany every day.

Car, train or plane. Whatever means you want to travel with, you will discover how easy it is to reach Montaione!

Images of Montaione

Take a look at our photo gallery and immerse yourself in the enchanting landscape of Montaione. We are sure we will make you fall in love with your next vacation spot.

Brochure of Montaione

Are you looking for inspiration for your holidays in Montaione? Browse our brochure, find out all the details and look at the most beautiful and significant images whenever you want*

Map of Montaione

On the map of Montaione and its territory you can easily find out all the services and have always at your fingertips the most important information to make you feel comfortable as a real Montaionese.*

*We don’t send advertising material. The brochure is available at the Tourist Office of Montaione, while the map can be found at the best accommodations in Montaione.


Tourist Office

Via Cresci, 17/19 - 50050 MONTAIONE (Florence)
+39 (0)571 699 255

The tourist office is temporarily closed. Will open on April 1st.

Separated waste collection

Enjoying your holiday and at the same time contributing to respect and protection of the environment?

In Montaione it is possible!

Contact's staff

Do you still have doubts, questions, or any kind of curiosity or are you looking for help planning your holiday in Montaione?

Whatever your request*, the’s staff is ready to listen to you!

Fill out the following form with your details or send an email to and you will get an answer as soon as possible.

The’s team

* Due to the many requests we receive every day, we inform the visitors of this website, that information about where to sleep, where to eat, shops or any other kind of commercial services, won’t be provided, except those related to own advertisers.
For any other questions feel free to contact us, we will be glad to serve you!

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