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Sugo all'Aglione


This sauce - typical of the Val di Chiana - is produced with "Aglione", a special variety of garlic, very sweet and digestible, which when properly cultivated reaches considerable dimensions, and with the addition of tomato and a little chilli.


It is a delicious Tuscan sauce that is prepared with just 3 ingredients: garlic, tomato and chilli pepper.

Processing techniques

Take the garlic, peel it and chop it finely, then place it in a pan with oil and chilli pepper and let it cook gently. After about 10 minutes, add the tomato and let everything cook for another 20 minutes until the sauce is ready.


This sauce can be used with all types of pasta, but the best result is obtained as a condiment for "pici senesi", a type of pasta made simply with water and flour.

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