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Patè di „Cinta Senese DOP“ – Tognetti


Patè di „Cinta Senese DOP“ – Tognetti

Patè di Cinta senese Dop is perfect on croutons for a quick snack or as an appetizer, better if paired with a strictly “cinta” Tuscan salami. Is there a better way to start a dinner with friends in the classic „Tuscan“ style?

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Product made from liver and meat exclusively from „Cinta senese PDO“ in glass jar.

Working techniques

A blend of herbs is sautéed using extra virgin olive oil, to which is added the previously boiled and finely chopped liver, the meat from „Cinta Senese PDO“, white wine, butter, tomato pulp, salt and pepper. Following is the bottling and sterilization. No preservatives or colorings are added.


180 gram jars, machine sterilized.

Gewicht 0.47 kg

Gr. 180

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