Rosso - Podere La Casetta

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Rosso - Igt Toscana


Produced with Sangiovese and Canaiolo grapes this wine is ideal for daily consumption. The bright ruby red color, the aroma rich in floral notes and ripe red fruit and the not marked tannins, make it an undemanding but very "easy" to drink wine; the ideal to accompany everyday meals are these first or second courses.

  • Denomination of origin

  • Organic

  • Year

    12,5% Vol.
  • Grape variety

    Sangiovese 70%, Canaiolo 30%.
  • Alcohol content

    12,5% Vol.
  • Serving temperature

  • Production area

    Vineyards located near Montaione
  • Soil composition

    Clay with a slight presence of skeletal structure.
  • Type of cultivation / Plants density

    Double-arched cane; 4,500 vines per hectare.
  • Vinification Technique

    Vinified in red with a short stay on the skins.
  • Refining / Aging

  • Harvest

  • Production (kg per plant)


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