Guanciale stagionato da "Cinta Senese DOP" - Tognetti

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Guanciale stagionato da "Cinta Senese DOP" - Tognetti

The cheek, or guanciale, is obtained from the cheek of selected girdled “Cinta senese” pigs, recognizable by the typical black coat crossed by a white "belt". The pork cheek, or guanciale, is a particularly tasty, savory cured meat with excellent organoleptic characteristics that Tognetti produces working meat exclusively from “Cinta Senese PDO” meats. It can be enjoyed on its own, thinly sliced or slightly heated and then placed on slices of Tuscan bread (without salt). Also excellent in the preparation of sauces, especially those all’”amatriciana” and “carbonara”.

Since it is an artisanal product, the weight of the delivered product may differ from that indicated by approximately +/- 10%.

Characteristics of the cured meat

The peculiar characteristic of this cured meat is its fat which, thanks to spices and aromas expertly mixed, acquires a delicate and unique flavor, making this cured meat incomparable in its kind. The size is small, about 1 kg, with the triangular shape and when cut, noticeable is a fat part of white color, with some thin pinkish streaks.


The curing, carried out in special rooms with controlled temperature and humidity, is about 16 weeks depending on the size of the product.

Working techniques

The cinta senese pork cheek is squared and rubbed with pepper, garlic and natural flavorings, then covered and left to rest in salt for 10 days. It is then cold-dried for 15-20 days and cured, depending on the size of the product.

Method of conservation

To be kept in a cool and dry place. Once sliced, store in the refrigerator (0°/+4°).

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